Bioclimatic Roof System (BRS)

The BRS is a ready-to-mix hygrothermal waterproof screed for roofs, open or closed terraces, bathrooms and other wet areas, roof car parks and exposed decks, for both resident ial and commercial buildings,. Due to its hygrothermal insulating properties it helps the slab to eliminate the accumulated moisture during the construction phase and reduces the heat load. The BRS is a cost-efficient investment that offers excellent performance and economical value for new constructions as well for retrofit projects (Bioclimatic retrofit).

Certified with the Singapore Green Building Council, CLIMATER is a Green Product that is made from 98% sustainable natural occurring inorganic components, eco-friendly, zero VOC, non-combustible. The use and the disposal of CLIMATER produce 100% non-toxic waste.

The BRS replaces the multi layer conventional system, helping to reduce overall material and applying time.




1.    Primer
2.    Waterproofing membrane
3.    Insulation foam
4.    Separating geotextile
5.    Covering cement screed





Main Technical Properties

mt_ignore Water repellent - provides continuous hydro protection
mt_ignore Thermal resistant: provides continuous thermal protection without thermal bridges
mt_ignore  Fire resistant: Non- combustible
mt_ignore Hygro functional: ‘Breathable’ - allows a building to eliminate moisture from masonry and walls
mt_ignore Sustainable: manufactured from inorganic materials it does not decay in time.


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