Bioclimatic Floor System (BFS)



The BFS is an innovative ready-to-mix natural sustainable floor-levelling hygrothermal screed for both residential and commercial buildings, car parks, new and retrofit use. It is ideal for ground floors to reduce the heat transfer and for middle floors to prevent floor or ceiling condensation between storeys with different temperature conditions. The BFS is a water saving material in comparison with conventional screeds, which require additional water for their curing process.


Certified with the Singapore Green Building Council, the CLIMASCREED is a Green Product that is made from 98% sustainable natural occurring inorganic components, eco-friendly, zero VOC, non-combustible. The use and the disposal of CLIMASCREED produce 100% nontoxic waste.


Main Technical Properties

mt_ignore Thermal resistant: provides continuous thermal protection without thermal bridges
mt_ignore Fire resistant: Non- combustible – Class A1
mt_ignore Sound Absorbent: 20dB@50mm
mt_ignore Hygro functional: ‘Breathable’ - allows a building to eliminate moisture from slabs
mt_ignore Water saving: does not require water curing after application
mt_ignore Sustainable: manufactured from inorganic materials it does not decay in time.

With (680kg/m3) is 3 times lighter than normal cement based screed (2.200-2.400 kg/m3) helping to reduce the overall load on the foundation and structure of the building. It complies with BCA’s new code for seismic design: EUROCODE 8. Developers can get Green Mark points for lowering the Concrete Usage Index of the building and property owners can receive high returns from energy savings.


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